Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Playing Netball


Today we made our popcorn in the popcorn machine, it was really entertaining at first then we had a go at making it.

The first thing we did was getting out all the equipment we needed like ,cups, and seeds and that’s all we needed for making popcorn,We made popcorn with Mrs Slade and Mrs Tepania in the literacy room. After we made the popping popcorn we ate it and we said thankyou to Mrs Slade and Mrs Tepania I wish we could do that again sometime soon.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

popcorn tasting

Today we had some popcorn. We had two different popcorns to taste.The first one we ate was the Candy coated popcorn and when I tasted it it was so yummy that I could not stop eating it. It was sweet and crunchy too. After that we ate the caramel popcorn. I didn’t like the caramel popcorn because it tasted a little bit yuck but some people liked that popcorn.

Japan Earthquake

When Japan had an Earthquake there was lots of smoke around their country.
When Japan had a tsunami I felt so sad that they had a tsunami and an earthquake. When I saw the tsunami and earthquake on my netbook there were big
waves hitting the buildings and cars. Japan was so dangerous that when the tsunami was coming
it hit the people and some have died and some buildings have been destroyed big time.


Yesterday in the afternoon there was a big tornado in Albany.
When the tornado hit all of the cars and hit all of the buildings
I was so scared that it was coming towards Auckland.When
it was going past Albany it went to another place.It went
across the sea towards Pt Chevalier.The tornado was so
huge that I could not believe that the huge tornado was