Friday, December 13, 2013

My High lights and Low light for this year

High light:
* My Highlight for this year will have to be maths because I learned a lot from Mr Barks my teacher.

* My first highlight for this year at Pt England School is going to the Auckland Championship tournament representing our school.

* My second highlight is prize giving winning a prize makes me and my family proud of me and also being the player of the year for netball means a lot to me.

* My third highlight for this year would have to be looking forward to graduation i’m really excited for graduation because it my first time and i’ve never had a graduation for my self before.

Low Light:
* My low light will have to be reading because I don’t like reading

* My first low light for this year would have to be leaving Pt England School and leaving the teachers the way they taught me now.

* My second low light is my friends splitting up and going to different schools for college.

* My last but not less my low light would have to be leaving year 8 camp

My Netbook Reflection

My two highlights and low light about my netbook:
* Having a netbook to my self
* Learning online
* Disconnection online

The great things about having a netbook is easier to learn online not just that getting through the internet connection is very difficult to work through.

What I like about my netbook is that it’s easier to learn and type better to use than books and pencils.My learning online has been very easy using a netbook and also asking friends for help.

When it comes to help my friends always support me even doe I had problems online with maths questions or problems and also if we get stuck on what we need to be learning.I will always help them the way they help me.
I have trouble sometimes with my netbook when it’s disconnected or when it’s on the lag.

The good things about my netbook is there are some skills that I learnt from using the keyboard and there are some smart ways to make interesting facts like games, stories and some basic maths skills on a account that our teacher Mr Barks gives us for math.

Every day after our morning tea break we have to get our netbooks out and do our have to’s which is Xtra Math and Math Whizz.
The Xtra math account is to help us learn our basic facts and skills to accelerate our learning.

Math whizz is a maths thing that we have to do for 20 minutes and learn our math problems. Home work my mum tells me to do my left over work that I haven't finished from school I do it for a hour only.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Serena year 8 camp reflection

My Highlight at camp was going on the Skyline and going on the Luge.
My low light at camp was running every morning for fitness.

Day one:
On the first day of camp the year eights were all in mufti everyone was sitting down in the hall getting ready to go on the bus. After when I arrived late ,  Mr Burt said our pray before we left. We were getting ready to go to Rotorua.

It was a very long drive it took us three and a half hours for us to get there. Everyone was hot and sweaty so we stopped off for a break at the beach to eat our lunch and also to get fresh air.
Then we hopped back on to the bus to make our way to Rotorua at our campsite Keswick. It took us an hour to get to Keswick from the beach.

As we arrived to Keswick we dropped off our bags and our luggers and put them in our rooms and had to get change for a run at nature walk. Nature walk was a long walk it took us 4ks up and down it was pretty trying I was really exhausted as we started the walk and really lazy.
As everyone hopped back onto the bus my mum popped her knee at the bottom of the bush walk.

Day Two:
In the morning everybody had to wake up at 7:00 o’clock am for fitness three laps around the camp site. Then we had breakfast and got change to go to geyser. I didn’t know what the geyser looked like until we walked down the path way and saw the picture of the geyser exploding.

As we arrived there , there were chairs around in a semi circle for us to watch the geyser but the chairs were already packed. It was 25 minutes later and one of the man that works there had a brown bag of soap and he poured it in the geyser.

After he said his speach 2 minutes later the geyser was starting to erupted so he left.
After we took photos we spent a little bit of time watching the geyser. After that we went to our other event which was the sheep show there were cows and dogs there as well.

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Book

                                                        This book is called Secret Friends
                                                   It's about a little girl called Rafaella that doesn't
                                                                find it easy to make friends.                                          

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All about Michael Jackson

How did he become a king of pop?
Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer-songwriter, dancer, businessman and philanthropist. Often referred to by the honorific nickname "King of Pop", or by his initials MJ, Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records. His contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.

How did he become famous?
Michael Jackson is from a musical family and has been performing since the age of four.
He started out as the lead singer of the Jackson Five, a band made up of his brothers and sisters. He was the youngest in the group but he got to be the lead singer. By the time he was 10, the band had a record deal. Their first four singles all went to number one in the US charts - they were massive. The Jacksons made 20 albums - the last was in 1984.
Michael stayed in the band but also had a solo career. His first solo hit was in 1972.

Why is he in the news?
Michael Jackson has appeared in court because of claims that have been made against him by a child that he was friendly with. A warrant for Jacko's arrest was issued, and the singer handed himself in. The police in the USA say that Michael is accused of child abuse. Michael has told the court he is not guilty. It's a very serious crime, if he is found guilty he could spend up to 20 years in prison.

Para (1): How did Michael Jackson became famous?
‘’ Well ” he came up with a band called Jackson 5 with his brother and sister and also he made 20 albums.

Para(2): How did Michael Jackson became king of pop?
‘’Well the reason why’’ he was king of pop is because he came up  with his own music, dance, and fashion ‘not just because of that’’ he also recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records.

Para(3): Why is he on the (NEWS) ?
Baby dangling: Michael Jackson put a towel over his son's head and dangled him out of a hotel window to show him off to a crowd of fans. Michael has told the court he is not guilty. It's a very serious crime, if he is found guilty he could spend up to 20 years in prison.

(If you are a fan of michael Jackson and you would like watch Michael Jackson Memorial
Please click on to this link Thank you.
Michael Jackson memorial highlights

Monday, August 12, 2013

Next steps...

Our teacher Mr Barks has given us our own next step strategies on our tracking success.  It’s a video to help us accelerate our maths learning. We had to chose an area that we would learn about the maths strategies. The area that I chose was my divisions and
multiplications. Here are the links that I will be learning from and where you could get some ideas from.

Strategy 5

My maths problem

This term my goal is to learn my fractions, decimals, percentages, divisions and even my subtractions. I want to achieve my goal by making sure that I never play around drawing class time by keeping on task on the right track at the right time. To do that I will need to participate in my learning and learn some new strategies and keep my focus up and never get disturbed from my friends. I have difficulty with my subtractions and divisions mostly because I get stuck
on it , on a website called xtramath.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Serena Reflection - Creative Strand - Polynesian Woodprints

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed? The things that I enjoyed in art class was learning how to speak samoan and also how to draw samoan patterns. which is carving, draw expiring things like island patterns and learning how to carve and how to use the tool in a good technique.

Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like? On this last beautiful sunny Friday writing this description and instead of carving and painting our beautiful art work. We had to write about what we like about art class.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week? What the patterns mean and what is it to us , I think it is a culture spiritual pattern.

White Hat - What did I learn? What the patterns mean in Samoan and what is it to them.

Log into Photobucket and find a photo to support your reflection.

Username:  PESRoom19

Password:  roomnineteen

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Serena & Eleva Super Woman

The city where I live is treacherous. The buildings and windows are damaged, the road has cracks and some of the shops have signs on them that read ‘lease’. If I were a superwoman I would save my city Glen Innes so that people will have a better life. I would have superhuman strength so I could catch every single criminal. In Glen Innes there are many criminals, such as the scary murderers who try to kill others, the horrible thieves that steal expensive jewelry and the most terrifying gang in town - the ‘Black Power.’ I would be able to turn invisible so that if I was in a fight I could easily escape or attack at anytime time. I would catch the scary murderers, throw the horrible thieves into prison and use my superhuman strength to take all of the Black Power to the island ‘Messybush’. It is an island far, far away that has only one house, one shop, one tree and has no way of escape. Now our city is free. Ten years later the the gang on the island built a raft. During those ten years they had planted trees so that they had wood in order to build. They gathered everybody on the raft they had built and said farewell to Messybush. They were out at sea for two long days and could almost see Glen Innes straight ahead. Just when they were almost there they heard a thud underneath them and the raft capsized. Everyone fell into the water and looked around for what had hit them. It was a hideous shark! The Black Power swam for their lives as fast as they could. They were desperate to get away from the sharks and wanted to get revenge for being thrown on Messybush by the superwoman. As they arrived on the shores of Glen Innes they noticed that something was different. There were new buildings, flash apartments, the road was smooth and shops were rebuilt and had lots of customers. The gang was surprised that everything was brand new and saw how happy everyone was. From the corner of their eye one of them see an old lady trying to cross the road. Suddenly one of the gang members rushed towards the old lady and held her hand as she crossed the road. Suddenly another member joins in and helped, then another member came in to block the cars, then another member and then another until the whole gang is blocked the road so that the old lady can cross. They all look at eachother and smile, one by one they take off their patches and throw them in the rubbish. The superwoman looked at them from a building top nearby, smiled and then flew away into the distance. THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DO IF I WERE A SUPERWOMAN.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Decimal Games

Example: So we know that we have 1 Ten and 2 Ones, which makes 12.
This could also be written as 1 × 10 + 2 × 1.
Example: "35" means 3 Tens and 5 Units, which is also 3 × 10 + 5 × 1
What I love about my decimal game is that I learn a lot of skills about decimals and fractions and I give it five stars because you learn lots of decimals.
If you want to play this game I will leave a ( Link ) below

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Massive Tornado In Oklahoma City In the US .

On Tuesday the 20th of May there were a huge tornado that hit Oklahoma city in the US. Many of the people that lived in Oklahoma city didn't expect this tornado to happen very often. This tornado was 1.6km wide when it hit Oklahoma and destroyed many homes and buildings. This tornado was so dangerous that it injured 145 people including 70 children and at this stage 91 people have been confirmed,around 20 of these were children at a local school. I chose to write about this article because I was very amazed in how massive and wide this tornado was.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Explain Ready ' Processed '

Jaylee and I found out all this information hope you enjoy.

Will. I. am

Para 1: When Mr burt said that there were going to be a  special present coming to our school I thought  it was Bruno Mars as he was coming over to New Zealand for his consent but everybody thought it was our Prime Minister , John Key. As the super surprise arrived it was a famous pop star (WILL. I. AM). Everybody was so amazed that they couldn’t imagine it was (WILL.I.AM) as everybody yelled and shouted and couldn’t believe that something real was happening.

Para 2: Seeing WILL.I.AM walking into our school  was so cool. I was really excited to see him in real life.Watching the camera crews taking pictures and videos of WIll.I.AM walking into the school.When he walked into our hall there were flashes all around and cheers of excitment, also little whispers that they couldn’t believe that it was him.

Para:3 As everybody settled down VIvienne and Patrick said there prayer and korero and then began with the kapa haka group,It was an exciting and thrilling performance.Next was the hip hop group they were fantastic

Para 4: Will.I.Am speach was about his childhood he had a rough childhood.He told us about how his mothers rised him on her own and they weren’t very rich.Also his dream was to help his mom and singing helped him to save his mom.Suddenly he said to chooes your friends that are good company not bad.Becuase if your friends are a clown then you will start to be one

Friday, April 12, 2013

Serena and Alexandria Aargument

Intro / For Alex
This is why me and Serena is on the side of camp happening.Because can teach you how to be respectful and carring.Also is a great way for people to spend time with their friends.It can even bring your confidents up and you might want to be leader for something next year.

Para (1) Alex
The reason that me and serena are on the side of having camp.Is because it can bring up your childs confidents and make you want to try hard to be a leader.You never know that the teachers might see that you will be a perfect leader and vote for you.

Para (2) Serena
Also is great for people that have no friends to make friends that can protect them.Making new friends is like meeting new teammates which is one of the 3 p’s like participation,partnership and also protection. But the main word that we are after is (partnership) because its like encouraging others to make new friends and also being a great role model.

Para (3) Alex
If you want your kids to learn manner’s just send to camp.Because camp can teach your kids to be respectful to other and caring.When they come home they might be a whole different person.

Para (4) Serena
Learning to make new things is by listening to your teacher or tutor and also giving it your best shot and focusing on your greatest technic by balancing things out.  

This is Alexandria and Serena’s opinion about having camp.Because it wouldn’t be fair if the year 5 and 6 get to have camp and we don’t.But the thing is that we get complaints from parents that the cost is too much.We can always fix that situation.For example we could fundraise and pay off some bit of the payment for camp and the parents can pay the rest.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Character Description about Alexandria

Alexandria is a short person and she has beautiful dark brown eyes. She has short brown curly hair and also has tan skin colour. Also her favourite colour is blue. She has great personality because she tells the truth to others and also to her friends and familys. She likes to play games online and she also likes to finish off her work and learn new things. What I enjoy doing with Alexandria is that she is very intelligent at sports and also she likes to giggle and laugh a lot.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My touch news writing

What I'm looking forward through this year is touch. I love touch because its my favourite sport.I hoped that we do have touch trails this year because I will want to verse other schools at what I am looking forward too. I really hoping we can verse Baradene because I want to beat them at touch this year because last year they came first and we came second which was a tough game it was 2 , 1 to Baradene. I've played touch for three months for a rep team called (Counties Manukau Touch) so I've learned a lot of skills and game planes from my team , so as we came second last year 2012 , I want my team for school to come first this year for 2013 and I will never give up on dream.

Simile and Metaphor

Allen Duff

Allen Duff is one of the people that dose Duffy Book's at Home's , and the 2 facts that I found about him is that his first ever book that he has ever wrote is (Once Were Warriors) . The fact that I didn't know about Allen Duff is that he was born on the (26-10-1950) in (Rotorua). So at assembly Mr Burt announced that there would be a special person coming next week on Monday , from (France) to share his wonderful stories with us, and to give us our boxes of Duffy books. The question that I got from Allen Duff is that if you want to do something with your life then you must read first then do what you want to do because you can’t just go or sign up for it if you haven’t read before so it’s important that you must read so you know what to do.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Show not tell

Sweating down my forehead It felt like boiling drops of scorched water. My feet felt like the BBQ was cooking my feet to meat as I was moaning for shade. It felt like a steaming , boiling , BBQ day like I was getting roast for dinner.

Friday, March 8, 2013

My Writing Sample

This morning we all completed our first Writing Sample for 2013 I have posted it just as I wrote it in the 40 minutes we were given,so the throughout this year I will be able to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in my writing ,I will post my learning goals from this soon. PICNIC AT PT ENGLAND BEACH As I arrived to school late I walked into class and everybody was sitting down as my teacher was marking the roll. When I walked into class she asked me if my mum was still coming with us to the beach but with a explanation I “,said, no sorry. After when my teacher finish the roll our whole class headed to the hall for a little assemble before we leave to the beach. After when Mr Burt was taking long with all his instructions and rules I started to have pins and needles going up my feet to my legs it felt really weird , it felt like someone was electrocuting me with a needal. After that my whole school headed towards the beach as the scenes leaded the little ones. As I still had my pins and needle going up my legs it started to die out . My legs were so exhausted that I couldn't even move. It was quite cold as the wind was moving through body , It was a really cloudy day. As we arrived to the beach everybody lined up in there class lines on the grass so our principal Mr Burt can talk to us again about what we should be doing and giving us some instructions. Then we went to seat out our tarpolin for us to have lunch on. Then me and my friends went to sit the on the chairs above the tarpolin and had lunch. Then we went down to the sand to play touch with my friends. After that me and my friends went up to the fields to play tag.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Bio Poem

Serena Respect,love,happy,kind,sporty Daughter of Marlene and Isaac and sister of Gio,Noah Ethan Lover of my family, food sports music and PS3 games Who feels excited when I go shopping,Sad when someone passed away Angry when someone makes me get in trouble Who has been to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia for four weeks. Who needs to work harder Who fears tarantulas,Sharks,ghost. Who would someday like to see Jesus Resident of Auckland,Rowena,Glen Innes My last name is Isaaka

About me

This is a presentation that tells you a bit more about ME!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Serena week two writing

In the holidays me and my parents and my brother went down to Pt England beach for a birthday. As we arrived there we set up the mat for us to eat on. Then  me and my cousin and friends went to the park to play , after that Alexandria arrived so I went with her down to the beach for a little walk. 

After that we decided to head back to our picnic place under the big tree by the playground , then it was time to sing happy birthday to Alexandria's little cousin. After that we all started eating and having some of the birthday boys cake with some muffins as well.

After that all the little kids started to play some party games.  Then we  played  with my brother noah kite and we were eating lollies at the same time, then we left earling and said goodbye to the little birthday boy and his parents and then we went to go home to have a little nap because it was very big for us.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My learning goal

*My learning goal in the classroom this term improve my reading level.

*To achieve my goal I need nearly every day and sound out some interesting words and know what the story about.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Counties Manukau Touch

On Saturday me and my brother and my parents went down to Rotorua for my Counties Manukau touch game. We left around 4 o’clock am in the morning , I was quite tired at the same as I  was getting ready to go. As we were set to go me and my brother took a nap.

Its been one hour since me and my brother were still sleeping from when we left , it was a two and a half hour drive to Rotorua. As it was one and a half hour to go the sun was rising above the mounties as we were driving pass. After that we finally arrived to the fields and I had four games , unlucky we lost by one point so we went to our motel that was called (sport of kings) it was a nice motel because it had a spa pool and when all my games we finished we went to the motel and got change then we hopped in the pool.

A hour later we hopped out of the pool and went to have a shower , then we went to get dinner and me and my brother had Mcdonalds and my mum and dad had takeaways for dinner. On Sunday I had two games and on one of the games I scored a try. After my fanatic games at Rotorua I went back home and I enjoyed myself with my fanatic and awesome games.

Serena camp at Muriwai

In the morning we got up very early to have breakfast and to get ready to get change into our clothes for camp. As we left home we went to McDonald's to have breakfast and then headed our way to Muriwai, it was a 2 hour drive. As we arrived to our campsite in Muriwai we seated up my aunty and uncles,cousin tent.

Then we seated up my aunty tent and after that we seated up our tent,finally the last tent my other aunts and uncles,cousin tent finish on time because it was so hot that someone was blocking me from the ice. So we all got change in our togs and went down to the beach with our mothers while our fathers were still putting up the gazebo.

After our awesome swim we went for a shower and got change in our pjs while our mothers go and cook dinner. So we went to play some card games and play on the swing and play with the spring ball. After playing our games we went to go and wash our hands and to get ready for dinner. After dinner we went to sleep. We stayed at Muriwai for 4 days and my family had a awesome time there it was the best day ever.