Saturday, February 2, 2013

Counties Manukau Touch

On Saturday me and my brother and my parents went down to Rotorua for my Counties Manukau touch game. We left around 4 o’clock am in the morning , I was quite tired at the same as I  was getting ready to go. As we were set to go me and my brother took a nap.

Its been one hour since me and my brother were still sleeping from when we left , it was a two and a half hour drive to Rotorua. As it was one and a half hour to go the sun was rising above the mounties as we were driving pass. After that we finally arrived to the fields and I had four games , unlucky we lost by one point so we went to our motel that was called (sport of kings) it was a nice motel because it had a spa pool and when all my games we finished we went to the motel and got change then we hopped in the pool.

A hour later we hopped out of the pool and went to have a shower , then we went to get dinner and me and my brother had Mcdonalds and my mum and dad had takeaways for dinner. On Sunday I had two games and on one of the games I scored a try. After my fanatic games at Rotorua I went back home and I enjoyed myself with my fanatic and awesome games.


  1. Congratulations Serena, it's great that you can get back in to your sport again. Is that your Dad in the photo too? Was he the coach? And did you win the game that you scored a try in?

    Mrs Nua

  2. no that not my dad and unlucky we didn't win our game.
    but thanks for the comments Mrs Nua


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