Friday, December 13, 2013

My High lights and Low light for this year

High light:
* My Highlight for this year will have to be maths because I learned a lot from Mr Barks my teacher.

* My first highlight for this year at Pt England School is going to the Auckland Championship tournament representing our school.

* My second highlight is prize giving winning a prize makes me and my family proud of me and also being the player of the year for netball means a lot to me.

* My third highlight for this year would have to be looking forward to graduation i’m really excited for graduation because it my first time and i’ve never had a graduation for my self before.

Low Light:
* My low light will have to be reading because I don’t like reading

* My first low light for this year would have to be leaving Pt England School and leaving the teachers the way they taught me now.

* My second low light is my friends splitting up and going to different schools for college.

* My last but not less my low light would have to be leaving year 8 camp

My Netbook Reflection

My two highlights and low light about my netbook:
* Having a netbook to my self
* Learning online
* Disconnection online

The great things about having a netbook is easier to learn online not just that getting through the internet connection is very difficult to work through.

What I like about my netbook is that it’s easier to learn and type better to use than books and pencils.My learning online has been very easy using a netbook and also asking friends for help.

When it comes to help my friends always support me even doe I had problems online with maths questions or problems and also if we get stuck on what we need to be learning.I will always help them the way they help me.
I have trouble sometimes with my netbook when it’s disconnected or when it’s on the lag.

The good things about my netbook is there are some skills that I learnt from using the keyboard and there are some smart ways to make interesting facts like games, stories and some basic maths skills on a account that our teacher Mr Barks gives us for math.

Every day after our morning tea break we have to get our netbooks out and do our have to’s which is Xtra Math and Math Whizz.
The Xtra math account is to help us learn our basic facts and skills to accelerate our learning.

Math whizz is a maths thing that we have to do for 20 minutes and learn our math problems. Home work my mum tells me to do my left over work that I haven't finished from school I do it for a hour only.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Serena year 8 camp reflection

My Highlight at camp was going on the Skyline and going on the Luge.
My low light at camp was running every morning for fitness.

Day one:
On the first day of camp the year eights were all in mufti everyone was sitting down in the hall getting ready to go on the bus. After when I arrived late ,  Mr Burt said our pray before we left. We were getting ready to go to Rotorua.

It was a very long drive it took us three and a half hours for us to get there. Everyone was hot and sweaty so we stopped off for a break at the beach to eat our lunch and also to get fresh air.
Then we hopped back on to the bus to make our way to Rotorua at our campsite Keswick. It took us an hour to get to Keswick from the beach.

As we arrived to Keswick we dropped off our bags and our luggers and put them in our rooms and had to get change for a run at nature walk. Nature walk was a long walk it took us 4ks up and down it was pretty trying I was really exhausted as we started the walk and really lazy.
As everyone hopped back onto the bus my mum popped her knee at the bottom of the bush walk.

Day Two:
In the morning everybody had to wake up at 7:00 o’clock am for fitness three laps around the camp site. Then we had breakfast and got change to go to geyser. I didn’t know what the geyser looked like until we walked down the path way and saw the picture of the geyser exploding.

As we arrived there , there were chairs around in a semi circle for us to watch the geyser but the chairs were already packed. It was 25 minutes later and one of the man that works there had a brown bag of soap and he poured it in the geyser.

After he said his speach 2 minutes later the geyser was starting to erupted so he left.
After we took photos we spent a little bit of time watching the geyser. After that we went to our other event which was the sheep show there were cows and dogs there as well.