Wednesday, May 30, 2012


After morning tea our class walked through the breeze towards the
netball courts. When we arrived the class had to sit down on the ground, I had to remain standing due to my knee injury. My teacher (Mrs Nua) said that I could be the photographer, she then gave me the keys for our classroom and asked me to get the camera out. I went back and started taking some photos of everybody, room 20 also came and sat down too.

The instructor (Sam) introduced a game called Kiwi Kick (in other words AFL). He taught us how the game is played and the rules involved, by demonstrating some ball drills for us eg: kick punt and drop punt. Kick punt is when you are holding the ball and release it in the air then kick it, and a Drop punt is when you drop the ball on the ground in front of you and then kick it.

Both classes taking up the whole court and half of the field had to pair up to practice the drills 20 times. Each pair was to choose a name “Penguin” or “Polar Bear” once decided they then had to spread out on the yellow line with their partner lined up behind them. Each person had to kick punt the ball to see who does it correctly and gets it the furthest and after do the same drill on the drop punt. While that was happening I was still walking around taking more photos to show Mrs Nua afterwards.

Yesterday we went to kiwi kick and we had (Sam) again. Then he said that we have to get into paris of two so me and Jessica were partners and we had to name each other cheaters or jaguars so I went as a jaguar and Jessica went as a cheater. After that he told us that the cheater have to go on the line by the cones and then he told us that we have to line up on the line too. After we had to line up we played a game called chase your partners to their lines. Sam said jaguars so Jessica had to chase me because she was a cheater and I was a jaguars and if he says cheaters then I have to chase Jessica because she is a cheater and I am a jaguar and jaguars have to chase cheaters to the line that is at the back of the cheaters.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Digital Mihimihi

This is a movie of my digital Mihimihi that i'm been working on.  I hope you enjoyed it.



  • French Artists.
  • Intense colour.
  • Rapid brushstrokes.
  • Grew 1905 to 1907
  • Matisse led.
  • Express directly.
  • Vividness excitement of nature.
  • Influenced bright colors bold patterns.
  • 1880’s and 1890’s
  • Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat, and Vincent Van Gogh.
  • Fauves/Wild beast in French.
  • Art critic name
  • unusual boldness their style.
  • Fauves change style painting 1907.
  • movement had great influence
  • throughout Europe
  • Especially on German expressionism.

------! Impressionism.
  • Modern Art
  • Marked by
  • 19th century
  • France
  • Short, thick strokes of paint are used to quickly capture the essence of the subject, rather than its details
  • creating a vibrant surface
  • Paris-based artists

Vincent van gogh

.Dutch Painter
.most famous paints
.little recognition not very famous at the time
.1 painting sold in his life time
.He was born on march 30 1853
.16 years of age he went to hague
.brother Theo became dealer

1 .VINCENT VAN GOAG was a dutch painter he was
the most famous paints and little recognition not very famous at the time.
and one painting was sold in his life time.

2 .He was born on march 30 1853,16 year of age he went to Hague.
his brother Theo became dealer. When it was 1878-preatchor.

Serena Taonga time

Last week we had Taonga time and Taonga time is when you split into groups and you do lots of fun things and I am in a group with Miss Vaafusuaga and we do sports in her class. I always like her class because she does lots of fun things,she always do sports because she is a sports teacher. It is Friday today and we have Taonga time after morning tea time and I hope that it going to be even better then last week.