Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Bio Poem

Serena Respect,love,happy,kind,sporty Daughter of Marlene and Isaac and sister of Gio,Noah Ethan Lover of my family, food sports music and PS3 games Who feels excited when I go shopping,Sad when someone passed away Angry when someone makes me get in trouble Who has been to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia for four weeks. Who needs to work harder Who fears tarantulas,Sharks,ghost. Who would someday like to see Jesus Resident of Auckland,Rowena,Glen Innes My last name is Isaaka

About me

This is a presentation that tells you a bit more about ME!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Serena week two writing

In the holidays me and my parents and my brother went down to Pt England beach for a birthday. As we arrived there we set up the mat for us to eat on. Then  me and my cousin and friends went to the park to play , after that Alexandria arrived so I went with her down to the beach for a little walk. 

After that we decided to head back to our picnic place under the big tree by the playground , then it was time to sing happy birthday to Alexandria's little cousin. After that we all started eating and having some of the birthday boys cake with some muffins as well.

After that all the little kids started to play some party games.  Then we  played  with my brother noah kite and we were eating lollies at the same time, then we left earling and said goodbye to the little birthday boy and his parents and then we went to go home to have a little nap because it was very big for us.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My learning goal

*My learning goal in the classroom this term improve my reading level.

*To achieve my goal I need nearly every day and sound out some interesting words and know what the story about.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Counties Manukau Touch

On Saturday me and my brother and my parents went down to Rotorua for my Counties Manukau touch game. We left around 4 o’clock am in the morning , I was quite tired at the same as I  was getting ready to go. As we were set to go me and my brother took a nap.

Its been one hour since me and my brother were still sleeping from when we left , it was a two and a half hour drive to Rotorua. As it was one and a half hour to go the sun was rising above the mounties as we were driving pass. After that we finally arrived to the fields and I had four games , unlucky we lost by one point so we went to our motel that was called (sport of kings) it was a nice motel because it had a spa pool and when all my games we finished we went to the motel and got change then we hopped in the pool.

A hour later we hopped out of the pool and went to have a shower , then we went to get dinner and me and my brother had Mcdonalds and my mum and dad had takeaways for dinner. On Sunday I had two games and on one of the games I scored a try. After my fanatic games at Rotorua I went back home and I enjoyed myself with my fanatic and awesome games.

Serena camp at Muriwai

In the morning we got up very early to have breakfast and to get ready to get change into our clothes for camp. As we left home we went to McDonald's to have breakfast and then headed our way to Muriwai, it was a 2 hour drive. As we arrived to our campsite in Muriwai we seated up my aunty and uncles,cousin tent.

Then we seated up my aunty tent and after that we seated up our tent,finally the last tent my other aunts and uncles,cousin tent finish on time because it was so hot that someone was blocking me from the ice. So we all got change in our togs and went down to the beach with our mothers while our fathers were still putting up the gazebo.

After our awesome swim we went for a shower and got change in our pjs while our mothers go and cook dinner. So we went to play some card games and play on the swing and play with the spring ball. After playing our games we went to go and wash our hands and to get ready for dinner. After dinner we went to sleep. We stayed at Muriwai for 4 days and my family had a awesome time there it was the best day ever.