Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In Miss Slade’s class we go and wait for her at her table with our books and pens.
When she gets there we sit up on her table and wait for her to tell us when we can
open our books.After when she tell us to open our book she says write the date on
the top of the line.Then she first tells us to write something about the Christchurch


  1. It look nice! you a the same as me when I take my picture with Miss Slade.Moala

  2. I know you did this writing in your own time all on your own, great stuff Serena. It sounds as if you are enjoying your class with Mrs Slade and will learn lots this year.
    Try to include how you feel and what you are thinking so we know what it is like from your point of view.
    Keep up the good writing.

  3. hi serena its me grace i hope that Christchurch does not have any more Earthquakes.

  4. What a good effort Serena. I enjoyed reading your story and think you did well to write it independently.
    Keep up the good work.I especially liked the photo that Moala took of us.

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  6. Hi Serena. My name is Michelle. I'm a student a the University of South Alabama. I was assigned to comment on your blog. I'm sure you wrote a good story about the Christchurch earthquake. I hope that no more earthquakes happen there for a while.

  7. Hi Honey,

    Well done I'm so proud of you for getting yourself ready for Miss Slade to advise you to write a story about the tragedy that our country is facing with the Christchurch Quake. I would love to read about your story. Have a great day learning at school baby.

  8. Hi hunny Aunty Sera again :) really proud of you and such an awesome page :) have an awesome day :) Aunty Sera x

  9. Hi Serena I like the way that you wrote how you were ready for MISS Slade I really enjoy reading your paragraph you wrote about Japan it is really sad I cant wait until you put up a another post.

  10. Hey Rena,
    I like it how you say what ever Miss Slade says you do it and you listen. Keep up the good work.


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