Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Massive Tornado In Oklahoma City In the US .

On Tuesday the 20th of May there were a huge tornado that hit Oklahoma city in the US. Many of the people that lived in Oklahoma city didn't expect this tornado to happen very often. This tornado was 1.6km wide when it hit Oklahoma and destroyed many homes and buildings. This tornado was so dangerous that it injured 145 people including 70 children and at this stage 91 people have been confirmed,around 20 of these were children at a local school. I chose to write about this article because I was very amazed in how massive and wide this tornado was.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Explain Ready ' Processed '

Jaylee and I found out all this information hope you enjoy.

Will. I. am

Para 1: When Mr burt said that there were going to be a  special present coming to our school I thought  it was Bruno Mars as he was coming over to New Zealand for his consent but everybody thought it was our Prime Minister , John Key. As the super surprise arrived it was a famous pop star (WILL. I. AM). Everybody was so amazed that they couldn’t imagine it was (WILL.I.AM) as everybody yelled and shouted and couldn’t believe that something real was happening.

Para 2: Seeing WILL.I.AM walking into our school  was so cool. I was really excited to see him in real life.Watching the camera crews taking pictures and videos of WIll.I.AM walking into the school.When he walked into our hall there were flashes all around and cheers of excitment, also little whispers that they couldn’t believe that it was him.

Para:3 As everybody settled down VIvienne and Patrick said there prayer and korero and then began with the kapa haka group,It was an exciting and thrilling performance.Next was the hip hop group they were fantastic

Para 4: Will.I.Am speach was about his childhood he had a rough childhood.He told us about how his mothers rised him on her own and they weren’t very rich.Also his dream was to help his mom and singing helped him to save his mom.Suddenly he said to chooes your friends that are good company not bad.Becuase if your friends are a clown then you will start to be one