Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Serena Netbook Reflection

Last year I got my new netbook and I was very excited. As our whole classroom was sitting down on our tables we were waiting for our names to get called out. When my name got called out I was very excited as Miss Va'afusuaga placed it in front of me it was very flash and shiny.

Then we got our charger and our netbook bags. Then the teachers like Miss garden and Mrs burt and Miss Va'afusuaga told us to open our netbook leds to see the screens it was nice and shiny. As i’m still continuing with my netbook from last year its been a very struggling

year because I had to get my netbook screen fixes because it was changing colour when every I move my netbook screen. What I most enjoyed about my netbook is when I have free time whenever my teacher says too. But what I like doing on my netbook is when I do some

school work.But I just want to thank Mr Burt and Mrs Burt for the netbook. Its been very fun and TLN (Manaiakalani) has help me connect every time whenever I go on the internet.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Year sevens team building

On Thursday the 29th of November the year sevens had there own team building active while the year eights walked down to Technology and stayed there until 1:45.They had to stay at Tamaki College  secace the morning and do some activities while they were their.

Anyway the year sevens had to be split up into groups mixes up with boys and girls. We had been told to make a Christmas tree out of ,green brown orange dark blue and light blue , pieces of paper and foil, seize and a piece of string and also newspaper. So as we got started

the girls started to make the decurions and the boys were making their way through the tree.When it was 5 minutes to go we ask the teacher if we had to use all of our materials since they were going around us to see if where cheating or not.Then she said yes you do

have to use all of your materials , so we quietly put the newspaper on the brown piece of paper and then we rolled up some pieces of paper and taped them down around the christmas tree.Then we put the piece of string around the tree and also the foil.After that it was

1 minute to go so we all quietly started making things to put on the Christmas tree.Then everyone had to stop, and we had to sit down with our Christmas trees and show it in front of everyone while we’ve singing a Christmas song.The teachers filmed us showing our tree and

as we were singing our Christmas song.Then it was for morning tea.
After morning tea time we went to the netball courts to do some activities.Our whole team had to hold hands and run towards the hula hoop and go through it as our whole team gone through the hula hoop.
Then we had to run and get some pieces of newspaper and some tap  

as well. Then we ran back to we started from and we were making a ball out of newspaper and then we taped it down with tap.Then we shoot it to our other players that was getting ready to catch it and
every time a person catch the piece of newspaper rolled up in a ball

they get a ballow whenever they catch a ball.After that it was time to go back to our classrooms for lunch time.

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Walk in the Bush.

On a rainy horrible day I saw people walking with their camp bags as I was walking my way into the bush walk with my dad. Also there was a lady walking with her umbrella as me and my dad was soaking wet. We saw lots of trees and bushes and we were walking down the path, me and my dad couldn’t feel our feet as the water

was running down through our socks and shoes. We saw lots of leaves as we walked passed, and there were signs and big trucks of trees that was planted on the bushes. It was a very horrible day, the clouds were gray and also a bit smokey. It was so terrible when me and my dad started to run through the bushes because I

almost trip over this reto that growed on the side of the path. We saw a sign with excise on it as we were running pass so we done a little bit of that and it was called press ups but on the grass.Then as me and my dad made our way out of the bush walk we warmed down to the car.Then as we made our way home we had a nice hot shower.

Serena eclipse writing

On a hot windy dark day, on Wednesday there was an Eclipse up in the sky. As I was looking up into the sky I saw the moon sticking with the sun as the sun was trying to separate from the moon. It was so exciting because it was my first time seeing an Eclipse. When I looked

up my eyes were sore because it was so bright that the clouds were moving away from the Eclipse.What I liked about the Eclipse is when the sun was trying to get away from the moon. My favorite part of
the Eclipse is when we were cooking pancakes the same time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Serena Toy Animation

                      This is my toy Animation and hope that you enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Serena Award

Serena Brithday

On Wednesday it was my birthday so I decided to celebrate it on a Saturday. Then on Saturday morning I got up and got ready as my friends arrived we had a little play outside. Then we had to go so we went to jump into the car and started to make our way to Pak n Save.

As we arrived to Pak n Save my mum and my friends were getting some treats. After that we started making our way to the movies and then we went in and we watch PITCH PERFECT so we all enjoyed it and it was a good movie it was all about singing and it was about high school.

After we finish watching the movie we went to MEGA ZONE by Sylvia Park we went to play laser strike and it was so fun. So then we went to go and get a feed so we went to Wendy’s and went down to Mission Bay to eat there. After we ate we went to go ride on the triple bikes

we could only ride on it for an hour.As we got the bike we couldn't controlled it so we got a bit stuck.So my mum went to jump on the bike and took them for a ride and then they came back and me and my dad , Aliza went on the bike and went for a ride so all of us went on

the bike and took turns as the hour was nearly over. Then we took the bike back and then we went back to my house to watch the new movie BEGINS 2 and then me and my mum and dad and my brother took my friends back home and we had so much fun.Then we went to my Aunty

and Uncle house for a BBQ but I was so tired that I couldn’t play with my cousins  so I justed played on there piano and then I started to play with them and then we got called to go and eat

Thursday, October 18, 2012

serena fitness goal movie

My olympic movie

My Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood who lived in cottage. As Little Red Riding Hood and her mother was in her cottage she was collecting goodies to put in the basket for her grandma. When they were finished her mother said to not talk to strangers as she was skipping through the path. As she was skipping through the path she saw some flowers and she picked them as she saw them. After that big bad wolf was at the back of the tree making his way to grandma cottage. When Little Red Riding Hood got to grandma cottage she walked in and said” grandma what big eyes you have, What big ears you have, What big nose you have. After that big bad wolf said i’m gonna eat you so Little Red Riding Hood scream for help so Little Red Riding Hood dad came to help her and he killed big bad wolf with his axt. Then grandma came out of the cupboard and they all hugged each other and lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

running through the mud

Squish sqoish running into the mud it felt like my ankles had heavy metal strap around them. It was like gooey,slimy,jelly as I was struggling to move my feet through it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life Education Caravan

For the four 3 weeks Room 22 have been going to the Life Education Caravan. We have learnt that we have different kind of choices that we have of consequences. Lots of bad choices lead us to cancer and it is not just by smoking it by some other things aswell. Our session with Life Education is over. And we had lots of fun and we enjoyed going there for the past 3 weeks.


On Thursday last week I was feeling pretty happy because there were two instructors who had come to Pt England to teach us some basketball skills. Unfortunately for me I had to be the photographer because of my knee injury. So I watched and was ready with the camera to capture some of the action. They introduce their names to us and their names are Tie and Shane. they gave us some rules and we had to follow them as they told us to get in a line of five groups facing the white wall. Once we were in our lines Tie and Shane gave us a ball to each line. Now it was time to do some techniques skills. Then we ran up to Shane and Tie as we were bouncing the ball. Once we got up to the instructors we did a jump stop and then a pivot as we count one two and then passed it back to the line. After that we had to stop what we were doing and we weren't aloud to bounce the ball when he was speaking. When he was finished talking he told us that we were playing a game vs boys and girls. But the girls had to go in the middle of the court and the boy have to tag us with the ball. Then it was the boys turn to be in the middle and all the girls have to tag them with the ball, then it was time for us to head back to class and get ready for morning tea time.
Valerie Adams won silver in the London olympic women’s shot put. Four throws out past the 21-metre mark in the final with her third round effort of 21.36m her best. Valerie Adams could only manage 20.70m with her best,also in the third round,while Russia’s Evgeniia Kolodko won the bronze with a final throw of 20.48m.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Flag

The founder of the modern Olympic games, Pierre de Coubertin, also designed the Olympic flag. For the flag, he chose 6 colours red, yellow, blue, green, black and white. these colours are the colours from every country's flag. And the white of the background stands for peace and truth. The five rings represents the five continents of the world. Each Olympics this symbol is included in the official Olympic.


London 2012 The games of the 30th olympiad will be held in London . In 2012 London will become the first city to ever host an Olympics 3 times. The first time they hosted the London olympic was in 1904. Then they hosted them again in 1948 now it’s in 2012. It is a city of Majesty and Modernity meaning old but also new. This year will be seeing some familiar faces. These people were in the last olympic 4 years ago in Beijing. These people are Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt competing against people all over to the world to try win gold again. I am hoping that Usain Bolt comes first not second in the 100m.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


After morning tea our class walked through the breeze towards the
netball courts. When we arrived the class had to sit down on the ground, I had to remain standing due to my knee injury. My teacher (Mrs Nua) said that I could be the photographer, she then gave me the keys for our classroom and asked me to get the camera out. I went back and started taking some photos of everybody, room 20 also came and sat down too.

The instructor (Sam) introduced a game called Kiwi Kick (in other words AFL). He taught us how the game is played and the rules involved, by demonstrating some ball drills for us eg: kick punt and drop punt. Kick punt is when you are holding the ball and release it in the air then kick it, and a Drop punt is when you drop the ball on the ground in front of you and then kick it.

Both classes taking up the whole court and half of the field had to pair up to practice the drills 20 times. Each pair was to choose a name “Penguin” or “Polar Bear” once decided they then had to spread out on the yellow line with their partner lined up behind them. Each person had to kick punt the ball to see who does it correctly and gets it the furthest and after do the same drill on the drop punt. While that was happening I was still walking around taking more photos to show Mrs Nua afterwards.

Yesterday we went to kiwi kick and we had (Sam) again. Then he said that we have to get into paris of two so me and Jessica were partners and we had to name each other cheaters or jaguars so I went as a jaguar and Jessica went as a cheater. After that he told us that the cheater have to go on the line by the cones and then he told us that we have to line up on the line too. After we had to line up we played a game called chase your partners to their lines. Sam said jaguars so Jessica had to chase me because she was a cheater and I was a jaguars and if he says cheaters then I have to chase Jessica because she is a cheater and I am a jaguar and jaguars have to chase cheaters to the line that is at the back of the cheaters.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Digital Mihimihi

This is a movie of my digital Mihimihi that i'm been working on.  I hope you enjoyed it.



  • French Artists.
  • Intense colour.
  • Rapid brushstrokes.
  • Grew 1905 to 1907
  • Matisse led.
  • Express directly.
  • Vividness excitement of nature.
  • Influenced bright colors bold patterns.
  • 1880’s and 1890’s
  • Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat, and Vincent Van Gogh.
  • Fauves/Wild beast in French.
  • Art critic name
  • unusual boldness their style.
  • Fauves change style painting 1907.
  • movement had great influence
  • throughout Europe
  • Especially on German expressionism.

------! Impressionism.
  • Modern Art
  • Marked by
  • 19th century
  • France
  • Short, thick strokes of paint are used to quickly capture the essence of the subject, rather than its details
  • creating a vibrant surface
  • Paris-based artists

Vincent van gogh

.Dutch Painter
.most famous paints
.little recognition not very famous at the time
.1 painting sold in his life time
.He was born on march 30 1853
.16 years of age he went to hague
.brother Theo became dealer

1 .VINCENT VAN GOAG was a dutch painter he was
the most famous paints and little recognition not very famous at the time.
and one painting was sold in his life time.

2 .He was born on march 30 1853,16 year of age he went to Hague.
his brother Theo became dealer. When it was 1878-preatchor.

Serena Taonga time

Last week we had Taonga time and Taonga time is when you split into groups and you do lots of fun things and I am in a group with Miss Vaafusuaga and we do sports in her class. I always like her class because she does lots of fun things,she always do sports because she is a sports teacher. It is Friday today and we have Taonga time after morning tea time and I hope that it going to be even better then last week.

Friday, April 27, 2012


A huge crowd
people waiting patiently,standing unified
People standing unified

Marching left and right
singing hyms

A feeling of sadness
A moment to be a proud kiwi
friendship and love
united as a count
a  mark of respect
Celebrating peace
standing as one

A Saying -

‘We will remember them’
Prayers for respect
held to honour people

An example


People waiting patiently, standing unified
People standing unified

A time to remember and reflect

celebrating for ANZAC day
Standing in the crowd as people just clapped as the soldiers marched  left right left right
planes flying
horns  blowing

We will remember them

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Serena and Jessica camp tents

Tent fly
Tent pegs
Tent poles
Guy ropes

1.First we had to open the tent bag to get the Equipment out.

2.We had to flat the tent on the ground so we can put the tent poles in the lope.

3. Then we clipped on the clipper’s to attache it to the fibreglass pole.And don’t forget to tie a lop on the top of the tent so it wont fall back down when it is windy.

4.Then when your all done you will need to get the tent fly and chuck it over the tent so that we don’t get wet or it doesn't fly away.

5.Now you can sit inside the tent and relax inside.

Serena camp

When we did our cooking we had to make scones. After that we put in
our things and we put in flour first and then we put in baking powder after that we put a big cup of salt and Mrs Nua said to us that we have to start
over again. So we had to start again, so we put flour in then we put in the butter after that we put in a 1/4 of a teaspoon into the bowl. Then we did a half a cup of milk to put in the bowl. Then we mix it and then we cut it with the cup and we put it on the tray then we put it in the oven. After cooking we went to Kayaking When we got there we had to sit down and wait for Mr Burt. When the six people went to get a kayak on the sand. I went on the boat because Mr Burt told me to go on the boat. After kayaking we went back to school to do our tents. When we were trying to put the tents we were pressing it down so hard because it was trying to blow away. After that we went to the ICT room to do some comment on our blog. After when we came out of the ICT room we went to go and do our dance.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Advanced 2012

This year I want to get better at rugby and netball and
just keep on playing sport so I can become fit.I want to get better at reading books at home so that I can become more brainy.I want to achieve at writing because I need to improve with my spelling .My family is cool because they always give me money and that is why I love them.When I do my maths I try to be the best at it. I am going to eat a lot of fruit's so that I can be healthy and so that it can advance.

Friday, February 17, 2012

netball skills

Yesterday after school we had netball skills with Liz. When we had netball skills we had to go in three lines to do some netball passing to each other.After that we played a little
game of some other skills.

Monday, February 13, 2012


This is a photo of respect.
This is a picture that shows you that you have to
put your hands up when the teacher is talking.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Serena all about me

1. My favorite thing to do is playing sports, but what I like playing mostly is rugby and netball.

2. And my favorite colour is blue and purple and black and my favorite two teachers is Mrs Nua and miss Lavakula.

3. Did you know that Mills Muliaina is my dads cousin.

Serena all about me

1. My favorite thing to do is playing sports, but what I like playing mostly is rugby and netball.

2. And my favorite colour is blue and purple and black and my favorite two teachers is Mrs Nua and miss Lavakula.

3. Did you know that Mills Muliaina is my dads cousin.