Wednesday, August 22, 2012

running through the mud

Squish sqoish running into the mud it felt like my ankles had heavy metal strap around them. It was like gooey,slimy,jelly as I was struggling to move my feet through it.


  1. Hi Serena
    that was a really good description.That was a really good effective paragraph. Any way keep up the great work.


  2. Hi Serena,
    well done and keep up the great work and don't forget to keep it up.I like the way how you described how you felt,and how the mud felt to.KEEP IT UP and I cant wait to see more on your blog post again.

  3. Hi Serena,
    you ran really fast. What place did you come? I think you came 1st and I came 3rd. Yay for me. By the way very nice words you used for this story. Awwww and by the way if you did not come eny thing well then that does not matter it only matters when you cross the finish line. WELL DONE by the way, you worked hard!!!

  4. Hi Serena you did really well in cross country.I like your writing you do it is better than mind.I can't wait to read you other posts.keep up the great work Serena.

    By Alexandria.J

  5. Hey Serena,
    Awesome writing! You were a great sight to see as you ran passed the finish line. I enjoyed reading this because of the powerful vocab you used in your writing. This was an effective paragraph. Anyway, I can't wait to read more interesting post. Keep up the awesome work Serena!!!


  6. Hello Serena

    Congratulation for coming first well done and keep it up. I really enjoyed the mud and it really did felt like gooey slimy jelly. And I can't wait to see anotther stroy on to your blog.

    Mary-I xoxoxo

  7. Hi Serena
    What a great story you have done about running though the mud. Any way keep up the the great work.
    From Te Rina.


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