Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kawau Island camp.

On Tuesday we went to Kawau Island at seven o,clock in the morning. Then we all put our bags in the bus and we went to Sandspit to go on a ferry. When we got to Sandspit we took our bags out of the bus and we put them in the ferry, then we went to Kawau Island.

When we got to Kawau Island we had to go for a long walk to the other side on Kawau Island and we were skimming rocks, when we went back to our cabins we went to put our bags in. Then we went for a swim and we were having a lot of fun. After that we went to have a sower and then we had free time on the park .

Monday, November 14, 2011

Camp to Kawau Island

Hi my name is Serena and I have packed my bag to go to Kawau Island.
When I go to Kawau Island I will have lots of fun and I will have a great time there. In my bag I have a towel and one sleeping bag , one toilet bag , one toothpaste , one toothbrush , one toilet roll , one shampoo/conditioner , one soap , one brush , three plastic bag , five pairs of underwears , one togs , four T-shirts , two tracks , four shorts , four pairs of socks , two jersey , one pair of pyjama , one pair of shoes , one jandals , one pair of water shoes , one raincoat.