Friday, December 13, 2013

My High lights and Low light for this year

High light:
* My Highlight for this year will have to be maths because I learned a lot from Mr Barks my teacher.

* My first highlight for this year at Pt England School is going to the Auckland Championship tournament representing our school.

* My second highlight is prize giving winning a prize makes me and my family proud of me and also being the player of the year for netball means a lot to me.

* My third highlight for this year would have to be looking forward to graduation i’m really excited for graduation because it my first time and i’ve never had a graduation for my self before.

Low Light:
* My low light will have to be reading because I don’t like reading

* My first low light for this year would have to be leaving Pt England School and leaving the teachers the way they taught me now.

* My second low light is my friends splitting up and going to different schools for college.

* My last but not less my low light would have to be leaving year 8 camp

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