Monday, February 18, 2013

Serena week two writing

In the holidays me and my parents and my brother went down to Pt England beach for a birthday. As we arrived there we set up the mat for us to eat on. Then  me and my cousin and friends went to the park to play , after that Alexandria arrived so I went with her down to the beach for a little walk. 

After that we decided to head back to our picnic place under the big tree by the playground , then it was time to sing happy birthday to Alexandria's little cousin. After that we all started eating and having some of the birthday boys cake with some muffins as well.

After that all the little kids started to play some party games.  Then we  played  with my brother noah kite and we were eating lollies at the same time, then we left earling and said goodbye to the little birthday boy and his parents and then we went to go home to have a little nap because it was very big for us.

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  1. I love the photos Serena. It sounds like you had a lovely day, I bet Noah loved flying his kite with you and Alexandria.
    It looks like we need to work on you varying your sentence beginnings.
    Mrs Nua


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