Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Serena Netbook Reflection

Last year I got my new netbook and I was very excited. As our whole classroom was sitting down on our tables we were waiting for our names to get called out. When my name got called out I was very excited as Miss Va'afusuaga placed it in front of me it was very flash and shiny.

Then we got our charger and our netbook bags. Then the teachers like Miss garden and Mrs burt and Miss Va'afusuaga told us to open our netbook leds to see the screens it was nice and shiny. As i’m still continuing with my netbook from last year its been a very struggling

year because I had to get my netbook screen fixes because it was changing colour when every I move my netbook screen. What I most enjoyed about my netbook is when I have free time whenever my teacher says too. But what I like doing on my netbook is when I do some

school work.But I just want to thank Mr Burt and Mrs Burt for the netbook. Its been very fun and TLN (Manaiakalani) has help me connect every time whenever I go on the internet.

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