Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Serena Brithday

On Wednesday it was my birthday so I decided to celebrate it on a Saturday. Then on Saturday morning I got up and got ready as my friends arrived we had a little play outside. Then we had to go so we went to jump into the car and started to make our way to Pak n Save.

As we arrived to Pak n Save my mum and my friends were getting some treats. After that we started making our way to the movies and then we went in and we watch PITCH PERFECT so we all enjoyed it and it was a good movie it was all about singing and it was about high school.

After we finish watching the movie we went to MEGA ZONE by Sylvia Park we went to play laser strike and it was so fun. So then we went to go and get a feed so we went to Wendy’s and went down to Mission Bay to eat there. After we ate we went to go ride on the triple bikes

we could only ride on it for an hour.As we got the bike we couldn't controlled it so we got a bit stuck.So my mum went to jump on the bike and took them for a ride and then they came back and me and my dad , Aliza went on the bike and went for a ride so all of us went on

the bike and took turns as the hour was nearly over. Then we took the bike back and then we went back to my house to watch the new movie BEGINS 2 and then me and my mum and dad and my brother took my friends back home and we had so much fun.Then we went to my Aunty

and Uncle house for a BBQ but I was so tired that I couldn’t play with my cousins  so I justed played on there piano and then I started to play with them and then we got called to go and eat


  1. Hi Serena,
    It's wonderful to see you are working so hard at home writing on your own- well done. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration with your friends. Keep adding all those interesting details, your thoughts and your feelings as you are writing. What was your favourite part of Pitch Perfect, I hear it was very funny.
    Love the photo :)
    Mrs Nua

  2. Hi Serena,
    I had a really great day on Saturday.I liked every single bit of your story.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK and I cant wait to see more on your blog post again

  3. Hi Serena,
    Your story is so cool.I Hope you enjoy your birthday too yeah I have just found it and I read it so cool story Serena and well done....


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