Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Year sevens team building

On Thursday the 29th of November the year sevens had there own team building active while the year eights walked down to Technology and stayed there until 1:45.They had to stay at Tamaki College  secace the morning and do some activities while they were their.

Anyway the year sevens had to be split up into groups mixes up with boys and girls. We had been told to make a Christmas tree out of ,green brown orange dark blue and light blue , pieces of paper and foil, seize and a piece of string and also newspaper. So as we got started

the girls started to make the decurions and the boys were making their way through the tree.When it was 5 minutes to go we ask the teacher if we had to use all of our materials since they were going around us to see if where cheating or not.Then she said yes you do

have to use all of your materials , so we quietly put the newspaper on the brown piece of paper and then we rolled up some pieces of paper and taped them down around the christmas tree.Then we put the piece of string around the tree and also the foil.After that it was

1 minute to go so we all quietly started making things to put on the Christmas tree.Then everyone had to stop, and we had to sit down with our Christmas trees and show it in front of everyone while we’ve singing a Christmas song.The teachers filmed us showing our tree and

as we were singing our Christmas song.Then it was for morning tea.
After morning tea time we went to the netball courts to do some activities.Our whole team had to hold hands and run towards the hula hoop and go through it as our whole team gone through the hula hoop.
Then we had to run and get some pieces of newspaper and some tap  

as well. Then we ran back to we started from and we were making a ball out of newspaper and then we taped it down with tap.Then we shoot it to our other players that was getting ready to catch it and
every time a person catch the piece of newspaper rolled up in a ball

they get a ballow whenever they catch a ball.After that it was time to go back to our classrooms for lunch time.

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