Friday, December 13, 2013

My Netbook Reflection

My two highlights and low light about my netbook:
* Having a netbook to my self
* Learning online
* Disconnection online

The great things about having a netbook is easier to learn online not just that getting through the internet connection is very difficult to work through.

What I like about my netbook is that it’s easier to learn and type better to use than books and pencils.My learning online has been very easy using a netbook and also asking friends for help.

When it comes to help my friends always support me even doe I had problems online with maths questions or problems and also if we get stuck on what we need to be learning.I will always help them the way they help me.
I have trouble sometimes with my netbook when it’s disconnected or when it’s on the lag.

The good things about my netbook is there are some skills that I learnt from using the keyboard and there are some smart ways to make interesting facts like games, stories and some basic maths skills on a account that our teacher Mr Barks gives us for math.

Every day after our morning tea break we have to get our netbooks out and do our have to’s which is Xtra Math and Math Whizz.
The Xtra math account is to help us learn our basic facts and skills to accelerate our learning.

Math whizz is a maths thing that we have to do for 20 minutes and learn our math problems. Home work my mum tells me to do my left over work that I haven't finished from school I do it for a hour only.  

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