Monday, November 26, 2012

A Walk in the Bush.

On a rainy horrible day I saw people walking with their camp bags as I was walking my way into the bush walk with my dad. Also there was a lady walking with her umbrella as me and my dad was soaking wet. We saw lots of trees and bushes and we were walking down the path, me and my dad couldn’t feel our feet as the water

was running down through our socks and shoes. We saw lots of leaves as we walked passed, and there were signs and big trucks of trees that was planted on the bushes. It was a very horrible day, the clouds were gray and also a bit smokey. It was so terrible when me and my dad started to run through the bushes because I

almost trip over this reto that growed on the side of the path. We saw a sign with excise on it as we were running pass so we done a little bit of that and it was called press ups but on the grass.Then as me and my dad made our way out of the bush walk we warmed down to the car.Then as we made our way home we had a nice hot shower.

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  1. I like the way you have thought about adding detail as you describe the setting Serena and you have tried to vary your sentence beginnings. We need to work on paragraphing in your writing now.
    Mrs Nua


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