Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Character Description about Alexandria

Alexandria is a short person and she has beautiful dark brown eyes. She has short brown curly hair and also has tan skin colour. Also her favourite colour is blue. She has great personality because she tells the truth to others and also to her friends and familys. She likes to play games online and she also likes to finish off her work and learn new things. What I enjoy doing with Alexandria is that she is very intelligent at sports and also she likes to giggle and laugh a lot.


  1. Great job explaining about Alexandria. I really liked how you described her appearance it was the main thing i really loved. Keep it up hope you do another character description about one of your other friends. Nice job Serena.

  2. Hi Serena

    What a wonderful description about Alexandria. All those things are so true about her. I like the way you were descriptive. I really liked how you explained her appearance.

    Keep up the great posts
    Cant Wait for More



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