Sunday, March 17, 2013

My touch news writing

What I'm looking forward through this year is touch. I love touch because its my favourite sport.I hoped that we do have touch trails this year because I will want to verse other schools at what I am looking forward too. I really hoping we can verse Baradene because I want to beat them at touch this year because last year they came first and we came second which was a tough game it was 2 , 1 to Baradene. I've played touch for three months for a rep team called (Counties Manukau Touch) so I've learned a lot of skills and game planes from my team , so as we came second last year 2012 , I want my team for school to come first this year for 2013 and I will never give up on dream.

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  1. That sounds like some of the advice that Allan Duff gave us, to 'never give up on a dream'. You will be a great asset to your Team this year with all of the extra experience you have now. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the Netball Court again this year too!
    Mrs Nua


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