Sunday, March 17, 2013

Allen Duff

Allen Duff is one of the people that dose Duffy Book's at Home's , and the 2 facts that I found about him is that his first ever book that he has ever wrote is (Once Were Warriors) . The fact that I didn't know about Allen Duff is that he was born on the (26-10-1950) in (Rotorua). So at assembly Mr Burt announced that there would be a special person coming next week on Monday , from (France) to share his wonderful stories with us, and to give us our boxes of Duffy books. The question that I got from Allen Duff is that if you want to do something with your life then you must read first then do what you want to do because you can’t just go or sign up for it if you haven’t read before so it’s important that you must read so you know what to do.

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  1. Yes he did give us a very important message didn't he Serena. I was surprised to find out that the first book he ever wrote was the one that has become so famous!
    I think rather than the 'question' you mean the message :)
    Nice to see continuing your learning at home Serena. I think we might be able to get a photo from Assembly to add to this.
    Mrs Nua


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